Pictured: Questlove (Richard Shotwell, Invision/AP)

Why Questlove, Seth Rogen and other celebs are talking about weed’s biggest election ever

Election 2016 could very well be remembered as the marijuana legalization movement’s most significant vote in history.

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And that’s not just your friends at The Cannabist saying so. It’s also Questlove — and Nancy Pelosi and Seth Rogen and … aww, heck — we’ll just let them tell you themselves.

Roots drummer Questlove is “not a weed smoker,” but he’s still urging California (and other states) to #legalizeit.

Comedian and activist Tommy Chong isn’t playing favorites to Proposition 64 in California or Maine’s Question 1 — he’s simply voting for marijuana, as his T-shirt suggest.

Actor Seth Rogen is (obviously) voting for legal adult-use cannabis in his homestate of California.

Rapper La’Reonte Wright (better known as Dizzy Wright) is all about that legalization game.

Former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss — “widely considered among the greatest wide receivers of all time,” according to his Wiki entry — says medical marijuana “definitely should be in our game.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said a few days ago, “I will vote for it” — it being Proposition 64.

Heisman Trophy-winning former football player Charles Woodson said, “I think it’s absolutely time to put more and more research into (cannabis component) CBD.”

Stand-up comic Duncan Trussell, best known for The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast and his appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, is just saying yes to weed — but no to condoms?

Rapper Killer Mike is taking that one step further — by telling his fans to not vote for any politician who doesn’t support “weed decriminalization,” which he notes would “(ends stop and frisk by proxy).”

And of course 420 icon Snoop Dogg is spelling out the word “VOTE” in ground cannabis flower.