Candidates for the Marijuana Party have turned in 9,000 signatures to the Nebraska Secretary of State's Office in an attempt to be included on the state's general election ballot. Pictured: A marijuana plant. (Oliver Berg, AFP/Getty Images file)

Marijuana Party candidates could appear on Nebraska ballot this fall

LINCOLN, Neb. — Those not happy with their choices for president this November could find another option on the Nebraska ballot: the Marijuana Party.

The Nebraska Secretary of State’s office said Friday that the Marijuana Party of Nebraska turned in about 9,000 petition signatures this week seeking recognition and a spot on the general election ballot.

The party’s emphasis is legalizing marijuana and promoting hemp farming, the Omaha World-Herald reported Saturday. The party’s other positions parallel those of the Green Party, which touts environmental and social justice issues.

The petitions will be processed by the state office next week and then mailed to county election officials for signature verification, Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale said.

The party must have valid signatures equal to at least 1 percent of the total votes cast for governor in 2014, or 5,397 signatures statewide. It must also must have a certain number of signatures from each of the three congressional districts.

Gale said his office has 10 days to determine whether the party has met the requirements for recognition and inclusion on the November ballot.

If the Marijuana Party is recognized, its presidential candidate, Dan Vacek of Minnesota, would appear on the ballot. So would Mark Elworth Jr., of Omaha, who is the party’s vice presidential candidate.

Elworth said his party hopes to get more people to the polls.

“We’re not looking to take votes away from Donald or Hillary,” he said referring to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. “We want to get new voters.”

Information from: Omaha World-Herald