An Ohio man baked up a batch of pot brownies for his 79-year-old mom, but she gave one to her home health aide, who got so sick she had to go to the emergency room. (Denver Post file)

Ohio man makes pot brownies to help mom, 79, sleep — but it backfires

FAIRFIELD, Ohio — Authorities say an Ohio man made marijuana-laced brownies for his unknowing, 79-year-old mother, and she offered one to a home health care worker who then became ill.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says 45-year-old Kurtis Lee Kemper served the brownies to his mother without divulging the ingredients. Nancy Kemper then gave one to the health care worker Wednesday at her home in Fairfield, a Cincinnati suburb.

Jones says the unnamed worker became “violently ill” and learned at an emergency room that she had ingested marijuana.

Kemper was jailed on two counts of corrupting another with drugs.

His mother says he doesn’t have an attorney. She says he told police he wanted to help her sleep.

She says she doesn’t use drugs, adding: “I’m clean.”