What's better than a grilled cheese sandwich and hot and salty tater tots? Denver restaurant Sam's No. 3 has it nailed. (Kyle Wagner, The Cannabist)

Munchies: Sam’s No. 3 serves up the grilled cheese of childhood

Few foods are repugnant when you’re high, but there are some dishes that are truly transcendent. One of those would be the grilled cheese with tater tots at Sam’s No. 3.

We’re talking about a lot of golden-crunchy tater tots, and gooey-hot cheese (your choice, but you can’t go wrong with American) on your choice of bread, all buttery crisp. Pair it with an Oreo milkshake or a draft beer — sweet or savory; that is the question — and it’s childhood all over again (OK, minus the beer, but plus a homemade-tasting pickle).

When it’s nice out, the patio on the Curtis Street side feels like a front-row seat to the goings-on. Inside, the diner-style setting includes U-shaped counters that are fun for making new friends. Or not. The other two locations — Glendale and Aurora — are frequented by more families.

Convenient to: The Glendale outpost is just a few blocks from Target and other shopping at that site; the downtown Sam’s is within walking distance of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts; and the Aurora locale is across the parking lot from Colorado Ski & Golf.

Info: 435 S. Cherry St., 303-333-4403 (Glendale); 1500 Curtis, 303-534-1927 (downtown); Parker & Havana, 303-751-0347 (Aurora)

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