Random acts of yoga. At the Yoga With a View event in Longmont. (Kyle Wagner, The Cannabist)

Perfect Sunday: Weed, yoga & brunch a winning combo at Yoga With a View

“Your other left,” said yoga instructor Larissa Ortiz, and there was much giggling and the sounds of people switching legs. When Ortiz followed up with a comment on the inherent difficulties in being stoned and doing yoga, the whole class cracked up.

It was a light moment in the midst of an otherwise surprisingly focused hour-and-a-half meditation and yoga session Sunday in the expansive, light-filled barn at Lone Hawk Farm in Longmont, the site for the second in a series of cannabis-friendly events — this one was called Yoga With a View — hosted by Mason Jar Event Group, Headquarters dispensary and Boulder’s Blackbelly Market chef/owner and Top Chef champ Hosea Rosenberg.

About 60 people showed up for the invitation-only event; Some drove to the farm, but many others took advantage of free shuttles (at the wacky, wake-and-bake time of 8:15 a.m.) from several points around the metro area. A stop at Headquarters in Lyons on the way — the purchasing process was a little cumbersome — netted participants a sweet goodie bag packed with the cannabis offerings to pair with various components of the day, including a moist, flavorful Rhubarb Croquer muffin from Love’s Oven (whose owner, Peggy Moore, rode our shuttle to hang out for the day) and CBD Diesel pre-rolls.

There was so much to love during this well-paced day that offered a heavenly balance of consumption, camaraderie and calming exercise, both mental and physical.

Freshly baked pecan rolls, at Yoga With a View. (Kyle Wagner, The Cannabist)
Freshly baked pecan rolls, at Yoga With a View. (Kyle Wagner, The Cannabist)

The consumption started outside in the gorgeous warmth of a sunny, late-fall day with freshly baked pecan rolls and chocolate-filled croissants, along with passed hors d’oeuvres that I plan to replicate at my next dinner party: perfectly ripe green grapes sliced in half and thinly slicked with Haystack Mountain goat cheese, with the exteriors rolled in roasted pistachios. A tea bar sponsored by The Tea Spot shared space with a row of glass dab rigs for the concentrates portion of the morning, using the Green Dot Labs extracts from our bags.

Tables were decorated with fall flowers and containers of glass one-hitters, ideal for a quick toke of the B4 nugs from Headquarters; the fruit-forward, sativa-dominant hybrid was just what we needed to power through the yoga — powered by a complementary mixture of bongo drums and rain sticks that provided an addictive, percussive beat throughout the session — that followed.

Noosa Greek yogurt parfait made with fresh pomegranates and apples, at Yoga With a View. (Kyle Wagner, The Cannabist)
Noosa Greek yogurt parfait made with fresh pomegranates and apples, at Yoga With a View. (Kyle Wagner, The Cannabist)

The only tough part of the day was making my mind blank during meditation, in a futile attempt to pay attention only to my breath. Marijuana and meditation go together like Doritos and Ding Dongs — the sadhus of India have long been known for their insight into the religious significance of cannabis — but it takes some serious concentration to avoid thinking about, say, why some people like cats more than dogs, who invented the wrench and whether I should get a thicker yoga mat. And then when the heady scents of food cooking began wafting into the mix, the gurgling of many stomachs was hard to ignore.

Fortunately, food awaited just a few feet away from our yoga mats in the form of a Noosa Greek yogurt parfait made with fresh pomegranates and apples set on cloth napkins at rustic community tables. Bellinis made with fresh pear juice were passed by 3 Chicks Bartending, and then the hits just kept coming. A salad of baby arugula greens tossed with paper-thin radishes sparked by lemon juice and olive oil. Family-style platters of caramelized root vegetables and house-cured bacon with mild sausage patties. Scrambled eggs flecked with smoked fish and spinach.

The pretty printed agenda everyone received listed all of the farms that had provided ingredients; there were no self-conscious introductions of anyone — the day just was.

“I’ve been dreaming of doing this for forever,” said organizer Kendal Norris, of Mason Jar Event Group. “Look at this beautiful day. Could it have been more perfect?”

Nope. And namaste.