"Bloodsucking Bastards" opens Sept. 4 at select theaters. (Provided by Fortress Features)

Highlights: Strange and wonderful Colorado happenings Sept. 4-7

It’s Labor Day weekend! And no one in their right — or altered — minds wants to be anywhere near the Taste of Colorado. Maybe you didn’t score tickets to the sold-out Phish show (or perhaps it was some time with T-Swift you were hoping for and, hey, no judgment here), and so the question is: How now to maximize the holiday? Here are some ideas for a chill time.

“Bloodsucking Bastards” (opens in select theaters Sept. 4)

What better way to celebrate a holiday devoted to working your ass off than by watching a film about a boss who literally sucks (as in, he’s a vampire!). Yeah, you already thought that about your boss, but “Bloodsucking Bastards” shows what it would look like for reals, using regular everyday office supplies — you won’t look at a pencil the same way again.

Billed as an “action-packed horror-comedy,” the film was penned by the comedy troupe Dr. God and Ryan Mitts, and stars Fran Kranz — the more approachable cutie pie from “The Cabin in the Woods” (sorry, Chris Hemsworth) — and a bunch of other random actors (Joel Murray from “Mad Men” and Emma Fitzpatrick from “The Social Network”). Expect lots of blood and … more blood. There’s also lots of laughs, and maybe those gore-ious memories will help you on Tuesday’s re-entry. Don’t feel like leaving the house this weekend? “Bloodsucking Bastards” also releases on video-on-demand and iTunes Sept. 4. Check out the trailer, and then click here for details.

Labor Day Weekend Laugh Off (Sept. 5)

You know how sometimes you eat a really great pot-infused cookie, and then everyone laughs and laughs and laughs? The Labor Day Weekend Laugh Off at Lounge 35 could be just like that (and like that great, oft-elusive ideal edible, you probably won’t know until a ways into it).

Featuring Denver comics such as Vic Alejandro (a Comedy Works regular who’s been featured on HBO and more), Leif Cedar, Corey Rhoads and David Pfeufer, the event runs from 8-9:30 p.m. and features emcee Terri Barton Gregg. The best part is, it’s only $3 (with $3 drink specials too). Buy your tickets at the door (3500 Walnut St. in RiNo). Click here for details

Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff (Sept. 4-7)

Look at all the pretty balloons. The Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff is about kicking back and checking out the sights — the sky will be filled with hot air balloons Saturday through Monday, interspersed with Blue U.S. Air Force skydivers, Ultimate Frisbee, and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and wakeboarding demos on Prospect Lake.

The event is free; there are options, though, like the Beach Bash for $5 (Sept. 6, 5-9 p.m.), and starting at $25 you can take a SUP lesson. Or if you have an extra $295 lying around, learn the real meaning of high in your own hot air balloon. Rainbow Ryders answers all of your questions (about riding in a balloon, at least); click here for details on the event.

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