All Smokin 94.1 owner Marc Paskin wanted for Christmas three years ago was a Latina girlfriend, as he said on a billboard that cost him $4,000 in San Diego's Barrio Logan neighborhood. (Earnie Grafton, San Diego Union-Tribune)

The same guy behind pot radio station found a ‘Latina girlfriend’ via billboard

It turns out Denver hardly knows Marc Paskin, the California millionaire behind Denver’s still-new weed-themed rock radio station Smokin 94.1.

Marc Paskin (Charlie Neuman, San Diego Union-Tribune)
Marc Paskin (Charlie Neuman, San Diego Union-Tribune)

We ran this interview with Paskin earlier this week, and that’s where we learned that he’s a millionaire from the San Diego area who made his money in real estate; He was on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire,” and his pot radio endeavor is something he’s doing “to bring the fun back to radio.”

But when San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Matthew T. Hall saw our piece, he wrote an illuminating piece of his own in the Union-Tribune about Paskin’s past stunts — including some that are even wackier than starting a weed-themed rock radio station in the world’s first 420-friendly state.

Like the time in December 2012 when Paskin bought a billboard in San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood — “the epicenter of San Diego’s Hispanic community,” according to the city’s tourism authority — in search of a Latina girlfriend.

KBUD owner Marc Paskin, dressed as DJ Gary Ganja. (Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post)
KBUD owner Marc Paskin, dressed as DJ Gary Ganja. (Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post)

Seriously, the $4,000 billboard (see the photo above) read: “All I Want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend. Email Marc:”

Hall’s column says the billboard netted Paskin 15,000 emails from interested Latinas — and that he’s still dating one of the respondents, a semi-retired paralegal.

The billboard stunt worked. Paskin’s public search for love was a popular story in international media.

Hall also mentioned the time “when (Paskin) popped into a fundraiser to give a check for a ‘free apartment for a year’ — that’s what he wrote — to an El Cajon woman whose estranged husband had burned down her house and killed her daughter and mother.”

Paskin later told Hall that he’s received more than 250 resumes for employment at Smokin 94.1 — and he lovingly called the station his “million-dollar toy.”