Former President Bill Clinton speaks during a session of the annual gathering of the Clinton Global Initiative America in Denver on June 9, 2015. (Brennan Linsley, AP)

‘Dear Lord,’ Bill Clinton said in Denver. Here’s the rest of his marijuana joke

Former President Bill Clinton is no stranger to marijuana jokes — and the joke’s been on him since that infamous quote in March 1992 (see the video below).

But Clinton regained control of that conversation this week while in Denver for the Clinton Global Summit. As Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told Clinton during a one-on-one discussion on Wednesday that more people are turning to locally or regionally grown foods, which is good news for farm communities, Vilsack made a nod of his own to Colorado’s best-known crop.

“Now with the exception of the state of Colorado and a few other states that legalized another product, there are not many commodities you can plant” in urban areas, Vilsack said.

Clinton was quick with a reply — as if he anticipated the conversation taking this dank turn.

“Dear Lord, that’s all I need, one more story,” Clinton said, as the laughter began to rumble across the room. “If only the marijuana growers would invite me to give a speech.”