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The Week in Weed: Miley Cyrus goes retro and other marijuana photos

This week, pop star Miley Cyrus remembers blunts of yesteryear and gives us a #TBT to a paparazzo’s shot of her blazing. We also have some top-shelf pot shots for you #WeedPorn lovers. And check out how dinosaurs factor into the equation. Hope you all had a bitchin’ 420!

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April 22, 2015

1. Colorado love was overwhelming this week!

2. Plenty to go around.

3. Miley’s #TBT.

4. Equivalent of double fisting.

5. Up close and personal.

6. Normal, indeed.

7. #StayBlazed.

8. Twaxxed out shines, coming up.

9. The best Bennie I’ve seen in a while.

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10. Wig Wag Raptor.

11. Pinup style.

12. Globe on point at The Cannabis Cup.

13. Hairiest pic of the week.

14. Wookie Cookies sap.

15. Can you pick just one?

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