(Ted S. Warren, AP)

POLL: Do you want to see cannabis clubs in Colorado?

In an exclusive interview, Colorado state Rep. Jonathan Singer, D-Longmont, told The Cannabist that he sees a day where the state is open to “cannabis clubs similar to bars.”

Bold words from Singer, who has been an important voice in most of the state’s marijuana legislation. Why bold? Because the few cannabis clubs in the state exist only in the periphery: in unincorporated Adams County, just outside of Denver; in Nederland, up the hill from Boulder; in Colorado Springs, where recreational pot sales are still banned.

To boot, remember that the consumption of marijuana in public spaces in Colorado is against the law. No smoking or vaporizing or edibles in parks, bars, coffee shops and a decidedly clear majority of the state’s hotel rooms.

Where can you light up? In private residences and yards, with the owner’s permission. It doesn’t leave many options for tourists making their first (or third) legal purchase. Locals, too, have said they’d like a place to gather, to be with community, to share a smoke and conversation.

Later on in Singer’s interview with reporter Joey Bunch, he expounded on the idea:

“As marijuana becomes more commonplace, we are going to have to find ways for people to consume it legally outside their home in cannabis clubs that would work similar to bars. People are going to create their own public consumption spots, so I believe it is safer to create some rules for that type of consumption just as we have done with alcohol.”

So what do you think? Do you, too, want to see cannabis clubs in Colorado?

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