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The Week in Weed: Tommy Chong dabbles and 14 more cannabis pix

Tommy Chong is keeping it 420 lately, isn’t he? Mr. Chong tops the list looking like he’s already had his fill. Also up this week, the founder of Raw rolling papers makes a bold statement (right on!). And then there’s the animated apple that heroically takes one for the team.

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March 4, 2015

1. The Chong Man’s game is strong — what can I say?

Last week @heytommychong dipping into that sweet @theclearconcentrate

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2. “One of those,” agreed!

3. Stoner ethics.

#RAWlife #RAWpapers #Rawpapersovhereverything #RAWunrefined #AlcoySpain #windpowered #vegan #rawthentic #repost

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4. Yummy medicated brioche.

5. Seeing the world through dab-colored glasses.

6. Photoshop everything.

7. T-W-A-X

8. And if you want to step up your joint game even more …

9. What a babe.

10. Apple pipe instructions (calling it a bong is wrong, no?).

11. Sativas and succulents.

12. A thing of beauty.

#flowerrosin all credit to @soilgrown for the tech! #solventless #pakalolohawaii #pakalolo

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13. Cold as ice and water.

14. Me-OW!

15. Ganja and gold bracelets.

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