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The Week in Weed: Rihanna’s birthday portrait & 14 more cannabis pics

This past week Rihanna celebrated her birthday with a straightforward drawing — one that we can only guess depicts her ideal festivities. There is more hash than I know what to do with in this post, as well as some cannabis-infused salve to try on all those aches and pains. And this time we’re wrapping it all up in shiny gold paper. Enjoy!

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Feb. 24, 2015

1. Perhaps the dreamiest photograph of marijuana I have ever seen.

Sour Pebbles at 40 days. #FBFL

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2. What do you know about Shine Papers?

Straight fire. shinepapers.com

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3. Macro shots are king.

4. Just three weeks left.

5. Hello, nurse!

6. Hey Rihanna, looks like we celebrated Feb. 20 in a similar fashion.

Feb. 20

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7. How does one get that clean?

Clean as a whistle.

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8. But what does it taste like?

#Gushers #trichomes #dank

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9. When you can’t pick just one…

10. I’d smoke this with me, myself and I.

11. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season again. (And here’s our strain review for GSC.)

12. For some more covert action, try this.

Another #sloppysunday ☺ #diskglass #slopglass #slopcup #headyart #glassporn

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13. Put this in your pipe!

14. “There is no salt left in my hash” … well, OK.

15. Grimace OG sporting the purps all day.

Repost of Grimace OG from @dynoweed #archiveoriginal

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