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The Week in Weed: Soulja Boy for the win & 14 more eye-popping pot pics

It’s no secret that many in the rap community are fans of marijuana, and this week Soulja Boy gives us a peek into how he’s smoking these days. Even though Instagram keeps deleting pot-related accounts, it seems like the frosty nugs are abundant as ever. And check out a most relaxing yoga session in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Feb. 3, 2015

1. A new generation.

2. An argument for soil.

3. Smoke art.

4. Folk art.

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5. How do I OG Lovin’? Let me count the ways.

Weed vocab: Do you know the difference between shatter and wax? Fatties and pinners? We’ve got all the lingo, from A-Z

6. Post it up.

7. Ganja Yoga to stretch your mind.

8. Crank that Soulja Boy.

9. Not scary at all.

10. Not sure how it’s going to get any better than this.

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11. Frosty purps and greens.

12. “People should not be afraid of their governments.

13. No comment.

14. For real.

15. Snoop’s dopest selfie this week.

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Snoop’s sesh at the White House: Snoop Dogg says he smoked up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. — believe it?