(Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post)

Stuff Stoners Write: Five tips for eating chicken fingers, a user’s guide

Ever read something online and ask yourself: “I wonder how high he was when he wrote that”?

That just happened while cruising r/trees, Reddit’s most prolific stoner spot. The post’s title seemed too good to be true — “Five tips for eating chicken fingers.” And somehow this how-to guide makes it work — from No. 1’s reminder to gauge your sauce intake to No. 5’s note to also stock up on onion rings and chocolate milk.


Since we’re talking Reddit: The No. 1 post on r/trees (when this was posted on Jan. 22) is a gorgeous photo of a Boulder smoke spot — and a local-knowledge conversation only Coloradans will appreciate.

For reals: Wiz Khalifa doesn’t want to be called a stoner anymore