A Buffalo Wild Wings location in Highlands Ranch, Colo. (John Leyba, The Denver Post)

That time ‘Santa Claus’ gifted free pot to Buffalo Wild Wings staff, customers

The California man arrested Monday afternoon on the Monterey Peninsula must have been dreaming of a green Christmas.

Randy Lange, 57, allegedly packaged and handed out marijuana to customers and staff at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Seaside, Calif., on Monday. Police say he claimed to be Santa Claus.

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Just after 4 p.m., customers called police to say Lange was wrapping marijuana in napkins and handing it out to people inside the business. Lange is also suspected of giving one employee a napkin with a brimful amount of pot. He also left a hefty tip, when he stuffed a large amount of the illegal drug inside the bar’s tip jar, police said.

During the incident, Lange would approach customers to tell them he was Santa and that he had a gift for them, police said.

When police arrived and searched his belongings, police found more than two pounds of pre-packaged marijuana.

Lange was arrested for “furnishing marijuana.”

This story was first published on montereyherald.com