NBC News contributor Harry Smith (Provided by CNBC)

CNBC’s ‘The Cannabis Boom,’ explores Colo. gray market (airs Jan. 5)

Harry Smith returns to his Colorado stomping grounds to explore “Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom” on CNBC, a one-hour documentary sizing up the state one year after legal sales started.

Smith covers pot as a treatment for seizures in children (“Charlotte’s Web”), the trouble with dosing edibles, the problem of enforcing zero tolerance in the workplace, the black market, the big businesses hoping to franchise and sales stats in general — all with a critical eye.

The “Cannabis Boom” premieres Jan. 5 locally (in Colorado) at 7 p.m. on CNBC.

Most of these topics have been chronicled extensively by local and national media (The Cannabist reports 9 percent of the state’s population can be considered regular users and counts $573 million in pot sales for 10 months of 2014), but the attention to underground sales is insightful. Those making deals without legal sanctions call it “donating” and “caregiving,” not buying and selling, Smith notes. Those who choose to avoid dispensaries and call a dealer, er, “caregiver,” spend about one-third the cost of legal recreational weed.

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