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The Week in Weed: Miley Cyrus holiday blazin’, skater Wes Kremer and 13 other stoney pics

Miley Cyrus isn’t disappointing any holiday-loving potheads this week. The pop star’s decked out in a silver tinsel wig and posing in front of a funky red background while smokin’ on that green. And oh man, get a load of Rasta Santa looking pretty stoked for Christmas. Also, don’t forget to put together what your stoner elf name is. Have a safe and stoney holiday, y’all.

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Dec. 22, 2014

1. Happy holidaze from Miley.

da coolest place on da planet

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

2. Duh.

3. Speaking of Christmas — one of these T’s would please a stoner.

4. Thrasher Magazine’s skater of the year: Wes Kremer.

Nailed it @hunttgram #KremerSOTY2014

A photo posted by THRASHER MAGAZINE (@thrashermag) on

5. You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry…

Ol Saint Nug. #HoHoHoldThatHitIn #MerryKushmas

A photo posted by Garrett Vosburgh (@voss_) on

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6. Let’s not forget — Happy Hanukkah!

7. Errl Twinklenugs here.

8. Jilly Bean in your stocking.

Jilly Bean – Grown by @pangaeacannabis – A wonderfully sweet taste and upbeat high makes this a top pick!

A photo posted by High Grade Organics (@highgradeorganics) on

9. While visions of sugar wax dance in your head.

10. Simply put.

Let's be #Blunt

A photo posted by W e e d H u n t e r (@weeedhunter) on

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11. He’s the one you call Dr. Greenthumb.

12. Gonna need this for next year!

13. Is this to eat … or just rub all over your body?

14. A pothead’s wish list.

15. And Santa’s jolly reply.

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