Yes, these socks are 51 percent hemp. (Hemp House)

Free weed: Buy $75 in hemp clothes, get an eighth of marijuana gratis

In August we told you about Hemp House — the Denver clothing company that came up with an intriguing promotion, offering free weed to qualifying customers ordering at least $75 in merchandise.

The company will start shipping later this month, but their promotion has changed since we last reported.

Instead of giving customers the marijuana directly, the company will ship a gift card valid at two Denver pot shops with each qualifying order. After consulting lawyers and dispensary owners, Hemp House founder Alex Person — a budtender and social media manager at the two participating shops, Evergreen Apothecary and Colorado Harvest Company — decided that a gift card would make for a better customer experience and a safer exchange for his own business.

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“This way they can buy any eighth they want,” Person said on Friday.

It helps that Person already works with the pot shops, which are owned by the same group and offer him a discount on the weed redeemed with the gift certificates.

“We pay the dispensaries per card redeemed,” Person said. “So I’m not paying full price. I have a wholesale system worked out with the owner. We don’t lose money for the eighth, but it definitely takes away from our profit margins.”

Hemp House’s deal is simple: Spend $75 on clothing, get a gift certificate that, along with 1 cent (also provided by Hemp House), will buy you any eighth on Evergreen or CHC’s shelves. The holder of the card doesn’t even have to worry about the steep taxes associated with recreational marijuana.

Is it a good deal? Person thinks so.

“Our strains range from $25-$60 for an eighth on the retail side,” he said. “So a customer could exchange their gift certificate for a $60 eighth of Blue God, and that’s a pretty good deal.”

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The company has a sale running through Oct. 13 offering a pair of socks, a T-shirt and a bag for $55 — and the gift certificate is also included in that package.

“We’ll be sending these gift cards to people out of state, too,” Person said. “We’ve already seen multiple orders from Canada.”

Hemp House’s biggest problem now: Inventory. Its website only shows three items — the same three that make up the aforementioned package. Person said there are future plans for more sizes, styles and colors as well as hoodies and beanies. But for now your options are very limited.

Hemp House’s biggest incentive: Free weed, without an expiration date.

“There are no expiration dates on these gift certificates,” Person said. “I want the customer to use it when they like. If they live here and want to use it tomorrow, they can. If they plan on visiting Colorado next year, they can use it then.”