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POLL: Would NFL see fewer domestic violence cases if it allowed pot use?

The National Football League’s marijuana policy has been the subject of much conversation this year.

Players say cannabis works as a pain-relieving alternative — and they also say it’s more common than not in NFL locker rooms. Denver-rooted attorney Steve Fox even wrote this commentary — “NFL should scrap outdated marijuana policy, let players smoke” — for The Washington Post, no less.

While the league’s marijuana testing limits were loosened earlier this month, other NFL fans are wondering if cannabis might help with another one of the league’s high-profile issues of late: domestic violence.

As Twitter user @andyandrist straightforwardly put it on Sept. 23: “The NFL would have way fewer cases of domestic violence if they allowed players to smoke marijuana.”

We published a letter in April from a Denver restaurateur who hoped legal marijuana in Colorado would decrease the amount of domestic violence in the state: “I would hope that cases of domestic violence decrease.” And cannabis activists have long relied upon the theory that marijuana users aren’t as prone to rage and violence as those who drink alcohol.

It’s hardly a simple, black-or-white issue, but what do you think?

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