Actor Tommy Chong (Richard Shotwell, Invision/Associated Press file)

Tommy Chong putting on his dank dancing shoes for “DWTS”

Septuagenarian stoner Tommy Chong isn’t kicking back just yet. Instead, he’ll be kicking up his heels in the 19th season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

The 76-year-old actor, who has an endorsement deal going with a Pueblo pot shop among many other ventures, is the elder statesman for the latest iteration of the popular reality show (fashion designer Betsey Johnson is the oldest female contestant at 72). There are no 60-somethings in the cast for this go-round, which premieres next Monday, Sept. 15.

The bigger question looming isn’t “How long will Chong last?” — what we’re wondering is how many weed quips host Tom Bergeron has at the ready.

The Washington Post’s Emily Yahr breaks down the complete cast and their pro partners, in addition to their chances of winning:

Tommy Chong/Peta Murgatroyd

Occupation: Actor
Age: 76
Best known for: The “Cheech & Chong” movies with his buddy Cheech Marin, the subject of lots of marijuana jokes.
Chances in the competition: Could be interesting. The older contestants do well in the beginning but are soon sent packing. Though his name could be a powerful thing — DWTS co-host Erin Andrews said that on the recent flight to “Good Morning America,” where the contestants were announced, flight attendants were clamoring for pictures.

Tavis Smiley/Sharna Burgess

Occupation: Talk show host/author
Age: 49
Best known for: Hosting “Tavis Smiley” on PBS.
Chances in the competition: Fair: He’ll get some headlines for being out of his element, that’s for sure. “I’m used to seeing you Sunday morning, I didn’t know you could dance,” said “GMA” co-host George Stephanopoulos on Thursday. “I didn’t know I could either,” Smiley agreed, but said he wanted to do something crazy before he turns 50 in a few weeks.

Sadie Robinson/Mark Ballas

Occupation: Reality star
Age: 17
Best known for: Being the granddaughter of controversial patriarch Phil Robertson on A&E’s hit show “Duck Dynasty”; her parents are Willie and Korie.
Chances in the competition: Decent. She’s far from the most famous of her family, but she could get the votes from millions of “Duck Dynasty” viewers — as the record-breaking ratings prove, the Robertsons have fans far and wide.

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Lolo Jones/Keo Motsepe

Occupation: Olympic athlete (track and field, bobsled)
Age: 32
Best known for: Competing in track and field at the 2012 Summer Olympics and making the bobsled team at the 2014 Winter Olympics. She’s also become famous for sharing many details about her personal life.
Chances in the competition: Pretty high, because athletes do very well in the competition. She’s also a polarizing figure; luckily, judge critiques count for a portion of the overall score each week.

Alfonso Ribeiro/Witney Carson

Occupation: Actor
Age: 42
Best known for: Like you need to ask! (OK, some do: He’s Carlton from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”)
Chances in the competition: Very good — you can never overestimate the nostalgia factor.

Janel Parrish/Val Chmerkovskiy

Occupation: Actress
Age: 25
Best known for: Playing tragically creepy Mona on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars.”
Chances in the competition: Middling to fair. Not very high name recognition outside of teens and some, um, slightly older viewers who happen to watch that very addicting show.

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Antonio Sabato Jr./Cheryl Burke

Occupation: Actor/model
Age: 42
Best known for: ABC’s “General Hospital.”
Chances in the competition: Solid. Dreamy soap stars do pretty well.

Lea Thompson/Artem Chigvintsev

Occupation: Actress
Age: 53
Best known for: Starring as Marty McFly’s mom in “Back to the Future”; also headlined NBC’s ’90s sitcom “Caroline in the City.”
Chances in the competition: Just OK. The “formerly famous” actresses don’t usually get much traction.

Jonathan Bennett/Allison Holke

Occupation: Actor
Age: 33
Best known for: “Mean Girls” — he played Aaron “your hair looks sexy pushed back” Samuels, Lindsay Lohan’s crush.
Chances in the competition: Just alright, unless he’s secretly a spectacular dancer. The demographic mostly like to love him from “Mean Girls” doesn’t really watch the show.

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Betsey Johnson/Tony Dovolani

Occupation: Designer
Age: 72
Best known for: Her stores with high-end quirky clothes and accessories. Also starred in a short-lived reality show (“XOX Betsey Johnson”) with her daughter, Lulu, on the Style Network.
Chances in the competition: Good but not great. She’s got plenty of personality (she does cartwheels and the splits at the end of her runway shows) but again, the older contestants usually get sent home on the earlier side.

Bethany Mota/Derek Hough

Occupation: YouTube star-turned-designer
Age: 18
Best known for: Her cheerful fashion and shopping-themed videos that landed her millions of followers and eventually a clothing line with Aeropostale.
Chances in the competition: Really good. “DWTS” is likely thrilled to have someone who brings young fans, though it’s unclear what social media power will really do for such an unknown name among the adult set. Still, her partner is Derek Hough — that’s a big deal.

Randy Couture/Karina Smirnoff

Occupation: Mixed martial arts athlete
Age: 51
Best known for: UFC champion fighting
Chances in the competition: Rather good. Once more: Athletes frequently take home the prize.

Michael Waltrip/Emma Slater

Occupation: NASCAR driver
Age: 51
Best known for: Winning Daytona 500 and other championships; his brother, Darrell Waltrip, is also a racing champ.
Chances in the competition: Just fine. Maybe not a household name, but race car drivers have won before, and he’s very well-known to the many, many NASCAR fans.

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