420 Colorado Blvd. (Trulia)

This Denver home is for sale, and it may have the best address ever

There’s a house for sale in Denver’s trendy Hilltop neighborhood that might just have the best address ever.

Imagine telling your friends and family you live at 420 Colorado Blvd. (420 is a stoner’s favorite number/time/date, and Colorado is the first state in the union to start selling legal, recreational marijuana.) Would they snicker out of jealousy, or would they gaze at your address plate in loving bewilderment?

“It’s a beautiful house — freshly remodeled, four-bed, two-bath,” said Kyle Kunkle, the seller’s agent with Real Estate of the Rockies.

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And are the sellers aware of the house’s novel address?

“Yeah, for sure,” said Kunkle.

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,959 square feet brick house — being sold for $450,000 — is a stunner with an updated kitchen, a newly remodeled basement and “organic raised garden beds, grapevines, a water feature, a covered deck, an attached two-car garage and two manicured yards,” according to its listing.

The Denver home’s initial selling price of $497,000 has been dropped at least twice, including on June 5 when it was lowered to $450,000.

Editor’s note: We know, we know, 420 High St. in Denver is a revered Colorado address, too. But unlike 420 Colorado Blvd., 420 High St. isn’t currently for sale.