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Smelly feet: Man’s sizable sock stash discovered at courthouse

STAMFORD, Conn. — Authorities say a Connecticut man who told his probation officer he wasn’t foolish enough to bring drugs into a courthouse had been hiding 19 bags of pot in his left sock.

Darren Shelley had a hearing Monday in Stamford Superior Court on a charge of possession with intent to sell but the case was continued until Aug. 7.

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Authorities tell The Advocate the 22-year-old Stamford man reeked of marijuana when he met June 9 with his probation officer.

When the officer asked about it, Shelley allegedly said he was “not a fool” and “did not bring drugs into the court.”

But the officer says a patdown revealed the bags of pot.

Shelley was being held on $5,000 bond. He faces a possible revocation of his probation on charges of risk of injury to a minor.


Information from: The Advocate

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