(Joe Amon, Denver Post file)

How this Nicaraguan tried buying weed but got horse manure instead

We’ve heard horror stories of dealers passing off non-intoxicating substances to the unsuspecting citizen as marijuana, but even we must admit that not only does this particular toker’s tale really stink, but it has also left a bad taste in our mouth.

The whole affair began late last month in Nicaragua when la policía decided to shakedown a suspicious young man who they believed was holding a fat sack of weed. During a street search, officers discovered several plastic baggies in his pocket, which they believed to contain a significant amount of highly compressed South American maui-waui.

Really, that’s a thing? Cannabis-infused coffee. Machine-rolled marijuana cigarettes. Joint-peddling vending machines. A THC-infused, ladies-only lube. A food truck selling only infused edibles. The massage of your life, via a marijuana-infused lotion. Yes, really, these are all real things.

That is when la policía arrested the young man, tossed him in the back of a squad car, and took him on a high-speed journey about 80 miles north to a police station in Matagalpa, where they planned to charge him for possession of marijuana. The young man pleaded with the officers to take a closer whiff of the weed. He knew if they did, they would be able to smell that the marijuana was, in reality, a heaping mess of horse manure.

“Supposedly that stuff was marijuana, but it’s not marijuana,’ the gypped stoner told TN8-TV. “It seems it is horses***. Some man on the street robbed my money.”

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