Never mind brown paper packages tied up with string — go for color instead with Global Hemp twine. (Elana Ashanti Jefferson, The Cannabist)

Gone Hemp: Global Hemp Cord proves its might (review)

Write about industrial hemp products long enough and you’re bound to get around to cord.

Gone Hemp: Global Hemp Cord proves its might (review)
(Provided by Global Hemp)

After all, rope-, cloth- and paper-making are the dominant historical uses for hemp and date back more than 2,000 years, according to hemp experts. Rope remains an obvious application thanks to the strength and durability of hemp plant fibers.

Testing hemp lotion or cooking oil seems a no-brainer. But an array of Global Hemp Cord waited around for several weeks as this hemp product reviewer noodled ways to put the cord to the test.

Sure, its dyes are rich, and the twine comes in myriad hues including some particularly alluring variegated varieties like rainbow, Rasta and candy cane color combinations. Plus, Global Hemp Cord comes on neatly-wrapped spools, making it simple to use.

But as someone with little interest in crafting macramé jewelry, I was stumped.

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Then spring arrived with its gardening and outdoor-soiree commitments. Potted morning glories needed a quick trellis, and dense, droopy pink peonies demanded to be tied back. In both cases, Global Hemp Cord exhibited its might. And when a wrapped birthday gift called for a vibrant finish, Global Hemp Cord popped against its polka dot paper.

Gone Hemp: Global Hemp Cord proves its might (review)
Morning glories wind their way around a twine trellis. (Elana Ashanti Jefferson, The Cannabist)

But, this colorful cord made an especially strong showing during a wedding favor fiasco. I had sewn and filled with treats close to 70 party favor baggies for a friend’s nuptials. Then, with only a few hours left until the event, I ran out of ribbon. On that busy day, I was grateful to have a box of six, assorted Global Hemp Cord mini-spools of on hand.

Okay, so this is just twine. Hemp consumers, however, tend to look for more than a product’s simple functionality. They’re a socially-conscious bunch, and often express those views with their spending power. Not only does Global Hemp Cord provide an earth-friendly alternative to ropes made from cotton or synthetics, this product also boasts seemingly endless household uses.

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