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Canadians: Here’s how you can win free medical marijuana for a full year

It’s a brilliant 2014 marketing ploy: Ask Canadian residents to sign up for your new, marijuana news-sharing platform, and promise one lucky new member free marijuana for one year — up to one gram per day for 365 days.

Yes, that’s a lot of marijuana. And Canadian company Lift — which says its mission is to “promote the production and consumption of high quality and ethical Canadian marijuana offered at affordable prices to Canadians” — is reaping the rewards of a smart, well-timed publicity campaign.

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The contest, using the #gethappycanada hashtag, is open to medical marijuana prescription holders throughout Canada (save for Quebec) who become Lift members before 11:59 p.m. July 18. A winner will be chosen after the deadline, and that winner will then place his or her order via one of Canada’s licensed providers — with Lift footing the bill for all the weed.

Their reason for the promotion?

“Health Canada has created a new federal medical marijuana program called the MMPR,” Lift’s site reads, referencing the country’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. “Under this new program, patients are required to purchase marijuana from commercial growers. These Licensed Producers (LPs) are growing safe, high quality and thoroughly regulated medical marijuana that will ultimately help patients across Canada like no other medical program in the world.

“However, we recognize that not everyone can afford the medicine he or she needs, so we want to do our part by helping one lucky Canadian and in the process raising awareness about Canada’s new medical marijuana program and how it can benefit patients.”

For the non-Québécois, enter the contest here.