(Seth McConnell, Denver Post file)

Police: Woman punched in face for taking pics of pot smokers in Boulder

Boulder police arrested a 27-year-old woman on suspicion of assaulting another woman who was taking pictures of people smoking marijuana behind Boulder High School on Thursday.

According to police, the victim told officers she was walking on the bridge over Boulder Creek behind Boulder High School when she smelled marijuana and decided to take pictures of the people smoking. This apparently angered the people who were smoking, and one of them ran up behind the woman and punched her in the face.

The victim told police that the woman who assaulted her and another woman continued to argue with her for several minutes, and the woman hit her several more times in the back of the head, police said.

A Fox 31 cameraman was in the area filming high water levels on Boulder Creek and had footage of the assault, police said.

Boulder police arrested Melissa Sharp, 27, on suspicion of third-degree assault, second-degree assault, resisting arrest and obstruction.

Boulder police said Sharp was combative with officers and spit on the side window of the patrol car and banged her head on the rear monitor. Officers placed a spit sock and hobble on Sharp.

Sharp remains in custody at the Boulder County Jail and is due in court at 2 p.m. today.

Another woman, whom police did not name, was issued a summons for harassment, and police are looking for a third suspect in the incident.

According to police, the victim’s injuries were minor, and she was not taken to the hospital.

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