(Eugene Jarecki)

Watch: Filmmaker fights the war on drugs via performance art and dance

Director Eugene Jarecki filmed the above digital short by asking the featured artists and dancers to behave as if they were “dancing on the ashes of the drug war,” he told the Huffington Post.

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The resulting video — a mash-up of hip-hop dance and ultra-modern graphic design — is a powerful statement against America’s war on drugs. As summed up in the video’s YouTube biography:

Every day, more Americans agree the war on drugs has failed and must change. The Smarter Sentencing Act will save billions of dollars and ease dangerous overcrowding in prisons by reducing sentences for non-violent drug offenders. It will also help strengthen communities and reduce racial injustice. Ask your members of Congress to pass the Smarter Sentencing Act. It’s a vital first step.

If passed, the Smarter Sentencing Act would, among other things, reduce the length of mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenses.