The gold rush has gone green

Thanks in part to marijuana legalization, more people are now moving to Colorado than any other state except North Dakota. They’re coming for medicine, business opportunities, or just plain old recreation, and the influx has inspired a number of nicknames and slogans. From ganjapreneurs to pot refugees, the gold rush has gone green. One of the most publicized reasons for relocation has been the medicinal use of marijuana. Hundreds of families have relocated for this reason alone. Not only is medical marijuana legal in Colorado, growers in the state have developed specific strains of medical marijuana. One of these strains – Charlotte’s Web – is high in cannabidiol and low in THC, has shown great promise for children with seizures, prompting desperate parents to drop everything and move to a new state. Some people, though, are simply interested in the freedom to enjoy a form of recreation and relaxation. Colorado already boasts summer and winter outdoor recreation, as well as a thriving microbrew scene. Marijuana is a welcome addition, compatible with the Centennial State’s already-attractive reputation. Green and growing The University of Colorado has experienced a 45 percent increase in out-of-state applications since last year. Part of this is due to the University’s switch to the Common Application – which allows students to apply to multiple schools with one application – and part is attributed to CU recruiting at more schools than in previous years. It’s a massive leap, though, and college students are known for drug and alcohol experimentation. With the influx of consumers, naturally, also come extensive business opportunities. Strain developers, cooks, store owners, pipe blowers, advertisers and a variety of other people with a bit of creativity and business know-how are flocking to the state to strike gold. It’s about capitalizing on a brand new market. Other factors bringing people to Colorado – like booming tech and energy industries – but it’s undeniable that marijuana is a strong motivating factor for many.