Dave Chappelle (Cannabist file)

Even more Dave Chappelle shows added for Comedy Works

Dave Chappelle is like no other working comedian today.

UPDATE: A representative at Comedy Works South told The Cannabist on May 1 that tickets for more shows there will go on sale in the coming 24-48 hours, per Chappelle’s management. Get ticket info here.

It’s true that his talents are singular, but the comic is also the kind of spontaneous, headline-making cultural figure that makes him different from all his contemporaries.

An example: When Chappelle announces a club tour, does the promoter send out a big release and buy ads in the newspaper? Nope. They simply tell a few key folks and let the word spread as they watch show after show sell out in a matter of minutes.

Chappelle’s last visit: Last we saw Dave he was headlining Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival at Fiddler’s Green in Sept. 2013. See the review and photos from that show.

Chappelle will play Comedy Works’ two Denver clubs on April 29-May 5, the club announced via its email list today. (On April 29 and May 4-5, he’ll headline Comedy Works South; on the other days he’ll headline the Larimer Square club.) As shows sold out, others were added — and now the page looks something like this: “SOLD OUT!! SOLD OUT!! SOLD OUT!!”

Will Chappelle add more dates? Keep your eyes peeled.