Hemp chef Derek Cross helps harvests the versatile crop that can't get you high in October 2013 during the first known harvest of the plant in more than 60 years, in Springfield, Colo. in 2013. (Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press file)

Hemp soon to be growing in Weld County

GREELEY—Three Weld County applicants have permission to grow hemp under Colorado regulations that took effect this year.

The Tribune reported Wednesday the three were among 10 commercial and 11 research-and-development applications approved by the state agriculture department.

Hemp cultivation for research and development has been authorized by Congress, but commercial cultivation remains illegal under federal law.

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Hemp and marijuana are cannabis, but hemp doesn’t contain enough THC to be used as a drug. Hemp has textile, food and other uses.

Colorado, which has legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use, is among 10 states that allow hemp cultivation despite federal drug laws.


Information from The Tribune

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