This March 21 picture from Steve Templeton's Twitter shows the good and the bad. He captioned the pic, "Down $3k today on $GWPH. Still up $113k. #noworries." (Via

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TC: And when it’s bad …

ST: I have bad days. I lost $20,000 the last two days of last week, and I still finished up $19,000 for the week. I’m averaging about $20,000 per week for the last eight weeks. It’s insane, man. And it’s just getting started — we still have 48 states to go!

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TC: Your biggest one-day gains equaled $38,000. What happened that day?

ST: Yes, it was such a blur I can’t remember, but my best guess would be that it was when GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) and Latteno Food Corp. (LATF) blew up on the same day.

TC: Do you smoke pot?

ST: Every day. I dab all day. I’ve got 25 years of smoking experience. So I have perspective that’s giving me my concept of what I’m looking at (in the market). I’m either laughing at how much I’m making or wondering when I’ll make it back.

TC: What’s an average day like for you?

ST: I get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and check what the London exchange did, to see what London pharmaceutical company GW has done. Right now it’s $74 per share, and I bought it for $8 in June. When they reclassify marijuana as having a medical benefit, it’ll be times four overnight, so that’s exciting. Then I make coffee. Then the casino doors open at 6:30 a.m., and then I spend the rest of the day grabbing my gut and horse laughing at my computer all day.

TC: Why share all the specifics of your portfolio with the masses via Twitter?

ST: I like to share. Sharing’s good. It needs to be shared. What I don’t like are the people who are faking it. The guys on Twitter with their own websites who are making people pay for their advice. There’s one guy out there charging people a monthly fee for his advice, and he doesn’t even smoke weed. He’s a fraud.

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TC: You feel that everyone trading pot stocks and talking about pot stocks should partake?

ST: No. Anyone can invest in pot stocks. I’m saying anyone claiming to be a Cannabis Financial Analyst charging $42 per month should partake.

TC: Give me three pot stocks you’re feeling good about this week — and why you’re feeling good about them.

ST: GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH): Because it’s on a pullback, and it’s the blue chip of the sector. Nuvilex Inc. (NVLX): Because they have a good foundation and outlook with their cell encapsulation technology. Latteno Food Corp. (LATF): Because they have a grip on the edibles market, and the price is juicy.

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