Is sugar worse for your health than marijuana? Americans sure think so, according to a poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. (Anya Semenoff, YourHub)

Sugar is more harmful to your health than marijuana, says NBC poll

Sure, we’ve seen the four major polls in the last year that say the American public thinks marijuana should be legalized. But that didn’t prepare us for the results of today’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Sugar is more harmful to your health than marijuana, according to 1,000 adults who participated in the NBC/WSJ poll released March 13.

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The poll asked, “Which of the following substances would you say is the MOST harmful to a person’s overall health?” The options: Tobacco, alcohol, sugar, marijuana, all, none or not sure. And ranking from the highest to lowest percentages:

Tobacco: 49 percent

Alcohol: 24 percent

Sugar: 15 percent

Marijuana: 8 percent

All: 3 percent

None are harmful: –

Not sure: 1 percent

See the full results of the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll here