Steamboat Springs resident Winnie DelliQuadri pets her dog Hailey, who is suspected of having ingested marijuana while being walked in a downtown park.

Steamboat dog recovering after "bad trip" from eating marijuana

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — It has been more than a week since Hailey ingested suspected marijuana, and she still has not returned to being her old self.

“It’s like all the world is a threat to her now,” said David DelliQuadri, who was walking Hailey through Stehley Park in downtown Steamboat Springs when the dog ate something that a veterinarian later determined most likely was laced with marijuana.

The extended side effects Hailey is experiencing after getting really stoned are not typical, but dogs ingesting marijuana and succumbing to marijuana toxicosis is not unusual in Steamboat Springs and throughout Colorado.

“We see at least three each month,” Pet Kare Clinic veterinarian Dr. Paige Lorimer said. “It’s more common now that it’s legal.”

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