The Cannabist Awards | Award Categories
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Award Categories

2016 Cannabist Person of the Year

The one individual who has contributed the most to the burgeoning cannabis space.


Technology // Extraction: Think equipment and methodology
Technology // Start-up: New businesses, big ideas
Technology // Incubator: The mentors, the collectives, those helping small businesses
Technology // Vaporizer: In desktop or portable pen form.
Technology // App: Find them in the App (of the Google Play) Store.
Technology // Lighting: From HID to LED, they help us grow.
Technology // Irrigation: Delivering plant sustenance.
Technology // Nutrients: Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, o my! Who’s the best?


Hemp // CBD: Whose products truly understand this powerful cannabinoid?
Hemp // Products: From beauty products to clothing, what brands get it?
Hemp // Lifestyle: What spas and brands heart hemp?


Events // Business: Think networking and conducting business.
Events // Consumer: It’s a party, man.
Events // Medical: For medical professionals and the science-minded.

Medical Advancement

Medical Advancement // Research Breakthrough: The pinnacle of social and scientific revelations, published in legit medical journals.
Medical Advancement // Researcher: The individuals conducting this vital research.
Medical Advancement // Products: On the market and helping patients.
Medical Advancement // Pets: The people and products working for our animals.


Sustainability // Recycling: For these companies, reusing and recycling comes naturally.
Sustainability // Responsible Pest Management: They were aware of potential problems before the regulators.
Sustainability // Packaging: These solutions are child- and Earth-safe.


Education // Industry: Teaching the industry compliance.
Education // Public: Educating the masses, intelligently and responsibly.
Education // Consumption: Speaking to the people on the complexities of this newly legal substance.
Education // Academic: Aimed at students who are serious about entering the industry.
Education // Author: The writers who have published books on this important subject matter.


Marketing // Corporate Culture: The cannabis industry’s best places to work.
Marketing // Agencies: Making the industry shine, illuminating their message.
Marketing // Customer Experience: Who has the best customer service in the game?
Marketing // Retail Branding: The pot shops and related businesses that glimmer, function and sparkle.
Marketing // Retail Packaging: Next-level products that would look at home at Whole Foods.


Community // Philanthropy: Giving back financially to deserving organizations in need.
Community // Volunteerism: To those donating their important time.
Community // Innovation: Getting creative with corporate responsibility; Who is the Toms or Newman’s Own of cannabis?
Community // Activism: To the individuals and organizations working toward political change, we salute you.
Community // Protection: To the professionals and organizations donating time pro-bono to clients in need.


420-Friendly // Security: For the safety of this industry, its people, its capital, its product.
420-Friendly // Legal: Acknowledging the attorneys and firms that are our partners.
420-Friendly // Finance/Tax: In the name of fair financial security.
420-Friendly // Lawmaker: The public servants (city, county, state and federal) who understand what we’re working toward.