Now a cannabis entrepreneur, Shane Terry for many years flew combat missions for the Air Force in an F-16 like the one pictured above. (Burhan Ozbilici, Associated Press file)

From top gun pilot to cannabis industry exec

A physician friend invited Shane Terry to start a cannabis company together and his life took a new turn

People are naturally intrigued to learn that cannabis entrepreneur Shane Terry was once an actual Top Gun fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force – something he’d dreamed of since his father took him to see the Tom Cruise movie, ”Top Gun”, when he was nine years old.

Terry flew combat missions during his decades-long career in the Air Force, and became not just a pilot in the Top Gun program, but an instructor as well. For a time, he was also in charge of the program to figure out how to install nuclear weapons on an F-16. His stories from those days are captivating.

But the time he decided to leave his dream job for a career in the cannabis industry is a great story too. Terry was on the runway, preparing for take-off in his F-16, when he got a text message from a friend. “Yes, unfortunately, pilots text and fly, just like people text and drive,” he joked.

The friend was a physician and he was starting a cannabis company. He wanted Terry to join him on that journey.

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