Comedian and actress Margaret Cho (Ethan Miller, Getty Images)

Week in Weed: Margaret Cho makes marijuana-infused art in Denver

Let's do this: 15 of the week's best weed-inspired Instagrams

One of the first female celebrities I ever heard talking openly about cannabis was Margaret Cho. Cho is an activist in several communities, a headstrong force to be reckoned with. She is a feminist in every sense of the word. This week Cho attended Denver-based Puff Pass & Paint to get stoned and create some art — and we have the picture to prove it!

Of course, we also have the rest of our specially curated gallery, with 14 more intriguing posts from the cannabis community. Take a look-see, you won’t be disappointed.

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October 1, 2015

1. Now that we have that out of the way…

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2. Good morning, cannabis community.

3. Had your morning tea?

Ccinolife .

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4. Make some (Marc Emery themed) art.

5. Take in some art.

6. Speaking of art, here is Margaret Cho getting high at a 420-friendly painting class.

7. Medicated honey? Yessir!

8. It happens a lot in Denver.

9. Tasty buds.

10. Gummy power!

11. Just stunning.

12. I feel your pain — where do they all go?

True story Photo by @thee420here Tag your Friends @ Tag your weed stuff with #weedto420

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13. Purple Kush for sure.

14. For when you really need people to know you smoke pot.

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15. Blue vibes.