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Week in Weed: Snoop discovers his favorite wedding favors — pot edibles

Let's do this: 15 of the week's best weed-inspired Instagrams

A few weeks back, Snoop threw his hat in the ring to be the next CEO of Twitter. This week, he dines on edibles at a friend’s wedding.

Also in this Week in Weed: We imagine how the “Pawn Stars” might handle a pot pawn. And what happens when you mix weed and chai tea? It’s all right here.

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June 22, 2015

1. Snoop with some wedibles (wedding edibles)

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2. Purp dreaming

3. Growing strong

4. The simple life

#humboldtmoment #travelswithstuart

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5. #MCLR

6. Marley Natural on cannabutter

7. And “Pawn Stars,” on weed


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8. What the what?!

9. Bianca Barnhill getting political

#420 #potpriestess #ivxx #highlife #sparktheconversation #asa #cannabiscancure #wellnessiswinning #activismlife #asalobbyday

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10. Just add a pre-roll

Saturday • Sentiments | #keepcalm ✌🏼️💨

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11. The idea machine

12. Infused chai tea for the win

13. Focus

14. Sparking it up

Tb || @yunggleann 🍃

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15. First lady slabber I’ve seen